Download XMeye for PC, Windows 10 And Mac

Download XMeye for PC, Windows 10 And Mac
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XMEye For PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista and Mac Laptop is an amazing video monitoring app. This application is specially designed for scan live video for IPC and DVR with the help of cloud technology. Now you can see live video on your device and operate them as you like. It’s help you to view videos very clearly and also allow you to do local recording and play them as well. Even its support local device, edit and delete. XMEye developer tried to provide you fastest service of its monitoring between client and device. Not only this they increased XMEye cloud server with the help of cloud technology. And tried to make this app better than other apps and also add other safety aspects to give a better performance. See alsoV380 For PC, Windows 10/8/7 And Mac

xmeye for pc windows and mac

XMEye For PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista and Mac Laptop:

XMEye is comes with great features. It’s allow you log in easily by the device serial number and watch live view by yourself. You can scan serial number by QR code. It’s allow you to take screenshots and view photos of your videos. This app support PTZ control and bidirectional talk as well. You can record and play videos locally. The best thing about this app is its versions update automatically. And one more interesting is that you can search device functions by shake as well. If you want to see other Cam apps for PC have a look at IPOLIS For PC, Windows 10/8/7 And Mac.
After knowing about XMEye amazing features we are sure everyone love to install this app on their PC and Mac laptop as well. But unfortunately XMEye is not officially available for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista and Mac Laptops. You guys don’t need to worry about it. Because in our article we are going to tell you the best way of install XMEye on PC and Mac. Check out the installation method below. Xmeye Alternative: vMEye for PC, Windows 10 and Mac.

Main Features of XMEye for PC and Mac Laptop:xmeye for pc windows and mac

This app support so many features. As we explain above about its basic functions and uses. Now checkout the main features of XMEye below which help you to know more about its ability and uses.
  • XMEye support cloud technology which give you best services on your device.
  • It’s help you to watch live view monitoring video on your device.
  • You can search pictures and also take screenshot of your videos.
  • It’s allow you to add device by address.
  • This app updates its versions automatically.
  • It’s allow you to scan serial number by QR code and also support manually searching device in LAN.

How to Install XMEye on PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista and Mac Laptop?

Here we find a best way for you to install XMEye on your PC Windows and Mac Laptop. Yes now you can install XMEye with an android emulator. And BlueStacks is a best one emulator which help you to install this app on PC and Mac. Simply read the instruction below and with the help of BlueStacks install XMEye on your required device.

Note: Android users can install XMEye direct from Google Play Store and iOS users can install it from App Store.

  • At very first you need to get an Android Emulator for Windows.
    Bluestacks is on of best android emulator.
  • Download Bluestacks for Windows and PC.
  • Setup Bluestacks with Google ID.
  • Open Bluestacks app player and go to my apps folder.
  • Now open Google Play Store app.
  • Write “Xmeye” in search bar and hit install button when Xmeye app appears.
  • Now back to your Android Emulator main screen and locate your app. Xmeye is ready to use on PC, Windows and mac.

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