What is VPN?

What is VPN?
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One question that keeps popping from many internet goers is what is VIP? Simply put, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables you browse the internet in a private mode. It converts your internet protocol (IP) pubic to private. This makes it impossible for your online activities to be traced.

A good VPN enhances your privacy by providing additional security through encryption. A virtual private network prevents you from exposing your surfing data to other internet goers who might hijack it and use it for their own selfish intentions. It is therefore important to use a VPN to secure your surfing habits.

What is VPN role when online?

It might look normal to browse the net without using a VPN protocol. However, there are many dangers lurking out there. Anytime you access your email or making online banking transactions on the go, you are exposing yourself to public network which is never secure.

Always remember you are not the only one using the network. There are also online strangers who can hijack your browsing data and use it against you without your knowledge. However, covering your tracks with a secure and private layer, you cover yourself against any attempts to track your browsing habits.

Here is where the VPN comes in; it encrypts the data you generate. Any act of email sending, banking online or general browsing where your details are captured should only happen under a VPN protection. The protection gives you 100 percent anonymity and no one can track your browsing history.

What is VPN and IP got to do with online privacy?

Basically, a VPN creates a channel to transfer data from one point to another; this could be next door or millions of miles away. However, the speeds are relatively high you never notice the distance. This gives you the browsing freedom you deserve; you can surf on the go.

Of course your data is scrambled through encryption via VPN so that your internet provider does not intercept your surfing data since your IP address will be channeled through the VPN. Virtual private network providers have servers spread across the globe and your data can originate from one of these making your online presence private.

What is VPN protection you against?

Now that you have an ideal what is VPN to your online privacy, it is important to know what it protects you against. To start with, anytime you browse, your surfing history is captured by your browser and internet service provider. With a VPN, you are protected against these and many more.

You are protected against online strangers tracing your IP and geo-location. Your device communicates your location and what you are looking for when browsing and installing a VPN can be able to hide this information.


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