Ways of keeping your Identity secure online

Ways of keeping your Identity secure online
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Keeping your identity secure online is very important. Any information you expose through the internet can lead to misuse or theft without your consent. A study by Pew Research Center indicates that 40 percent of Americans believe that their online data is not secure while 64 percent have had an experience in data breach in the past.

With increase internet uptake, cases of online privacy breaches are also on the rise. It is important to ensure your tracks when surfing is not tracked and your browsing habits do not expose you to dangers lurking all over the internet. Here are some easy steps to keep your identity secure online.

Avoid storing personal information on social media and keep your identity secure online

As a social media goer, you need to ne warry of other users; you only need to share the basic information. Splashing your in-depth personal information on major social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is a surefire recipe for cyber criminals to track you down.

By simply using the information you provide on these platforms, hackers can steal your identity and access your financial data for example. Experts advise you only provide your name on social media. Things like date of birth, home town, and schools attended. These details are what hackers use to impersonate you.


Anonymous or incognito surfing works to keep identity secure online

One of the easiest ways to keep your identity secure online is starting with your personal computer. Computers store browsing data by default and these can be used against you by cyber criminals. However, surfing in anonymous or incognito mode secures your activity.

This method is not 100 percent fool proof; the Internet Service Provider (ISP) can still access your online activity the same way your employer will track you when using the company computer. There are also some websites that have trackers and can access your data without your consent.

Keep identity secure online with VPN

When it comes to choosing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to help keep your identity secure online, you need to go for the paid option. It gives you access to premium services than a free version. The beauty of a paid VPN is that it gives added security layer and helps you surf in total privacy and anonymously.

With your Internet Protocol (IP) masked, you do not have to worry about being tracked. You can browse on the go without putting your personal information or data on the line of being tracked by cyber criminals.

Irrespective of your browsing reason, it is always important to keep it safe online. Whether you are using your home computer or smartphone to access the net, always make sure your identity is secured at all times. You never know when you will get attacked and your identity security compromised.

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