The Blockheads for PC

The Blockheads for PC
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The Blockheads for PC Windows and Mac Laptop: It’s a highly addicting and very entertaining game. In this game you have to take care of your blockheads and generate world with oceans, mountains, forest, desserts and deep caves as well. You blockheads are facing a tough time. So you are the only one who can save them and keep an eye on their needs. Once you stat providing them shelter, clothing, feed and give them sleep then they will be quick happier and more productive.

In this game you will find a lot of fun. You can do so many things in The Blockheads which will not let you get bored. Over all one of best game for good time pass.The Blockheads for PC will give you a great experience on large screen of PC Windows and Mac Laptop. As this game is basically developed for android and iOS users but now PC Windows and Mac Laptops users can also install it with an android emulator. Here i will guide you how you can install The Blockheads on PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista and Mac Laptop. Scroll down for The Blockheads for PC Windows and Mac Laptop.

What are the features of The Blockheads?

the blockheads for PC

The Blockheads is an explorer sandbox game which let you explore mine, craft and build giant. In this game you will explore complex cave system and flowing water. And also let you survive in desserts and snowy mountain tops. You will fin lot of adventure and become a strongest blockheads. This game will give you a tough time like when you

have only few minutes before exhaustion hits then you have to fulfill your blockheads needs.

Otherwise your blockheads will died in freezing nights. So you have to provide them shelter, campfire,food and other things for surviving. You also can upgrade workbench and unlock more advanced items to craft. You also craft a boat and navigate the oceans using the accurate night sky to guide you. In this you will make fur cloth, pick coconuts, cook meat at a campfire, paint walls and ride donkey as well. Over all one of most entertaining game which provide you lot of fun. And let you discover the world from your eyes.

How to Install The Blockheads on PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista and Mac Laptop?

For using The Blockheads on PC, get download Bluestacks Android emulator. If you are new to app player’s see how to install Bluestacks Android emulator. Open Bluestacks in PC and locate Google Play Store app. It will be same as you use Play Store in Android setup. So write The Blockheads in Google Play Store search bar when you see the image below click on Install the app button. wait for installation this app in Bluestacks. after that go back to main menu and find The Blockheads in Bluestacks.

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