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Surfshark VPN
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Surfshark VPN Review

Surfshark VPN is purposeful as it comes with advanced functionalities backed by a solid performance.  This is a product that is already established in the market, it is poised to give older outfits a run for their money. Surfshark have received several awards for the Best VPN in Newcomer categories.

However, the speeds are good and above average and its advanced features make it stand out from the crowds. It enables users easily unblock Netflix. If you are onboarding, you get low prices if you go for the one to two years membership plans.

Surfshark has a few issues which are normal for a system that is still under construction. The interface is currently basic with extended loading times. The support team needs also to up their game to discern the user base. It is a competitive industry and user experience stands paramount.

Surfshark Market Share                                         

Given the age of the Surfshark VPN outfit, it is easily to conclude that it is a small player in the market though with a promising future. The VPN Android App has been installed over 23,000 times compared to its older competitor Express VPN which has been installed over 10million times.

However, Surfshark takes pride in its features and comes with more than 500 servers spread across 50 countries and counting. What’s more, it is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android apps and has no limit on simultaneous connections.

The beauty of Surfshark VPN is that it is equipped with ad and URL blocking feature, most servers come with P2P support as well as support that runs 24/7 just in case something does not work.

How Secure is Surfshark VPN

The outfit comes with secure protocols with VPN basics in mind. It is also equipped with a kill switch that blocks unauthorized internet access and also prevents online identity leaks in the even that connections fails.

Surfshark block spies using its native DNS per server. This protects users from being tracked by use of their online activities irrespective of the locations across the borders. These are some of the features that are making Surfshark a popular outfit with more anticipated in the near future.

To give the users additional confidence, the FAQ page makes it clear that the platform does not collect personal data, incoming or outgoing IP addresses, download of purchase history. These are some of the concerns that users are keen on and are well taken care of by the VPN service provider. However, you contact email and billing details are securely stored on the platform.

Surfshark User Friendliness

Surfshark appears to be user friendly even for beginners; it is easy to download and set up and the plan selection is fuss free. With the system, there are no third party browsers required and this is a plus for the outfit. However, Chrome appears to be working well with the system as well.

The interface is ideal for newbies; the system alerts you when you are connected to the nearest server through a simple desktop notification. The same happens when you are disconnected while giving you your virtual IP address ad location.

You are also protected by a smart Wi-Fi protector panel that helps to select websites to access. Once done, it stores that data and automatically connects you to the site if you have found them save. You are also protected from unsolicited ads and malicious URLs.


Surfshark Performance

For OpenVPM, Surfshark provides downloads to configure files in all its servers. You can manually set up the services and you have access to 40 of Surfsharks’ locations with backup software to check their performances.

The connections are reliable and minimal failures if any. Download from most areas are superb between 45 to 60Mbps depending on the location. This appears to be a small issue that will be sorted out as the development continues.

Surfshark Final verdict                           See Pricing >>

Surfshark is a powerful toll that VPN lovers need to try. Their advanced features are user friendly and the issues one encounters are normal. Once these are polished, Surfshark will be the next VPN goer haven. A professional touch and the pocket friend prices are a plus for the service provider.

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