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Ivacy VPN
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Ivacy VPN Review: A Crypto Friendly VPN 

Ivacy VPN Overview

Ivacy VPN is one of those systems that are one step ahead by embracing the crypto presence in the markets.  It is P2P friendly and is located in Singapore with a global reach. At the moment it has over 459 servers and its presence is felt across 55 countries and still growing.

The service cost stands at $40 which is billed per year making it fuss free and pocket friendly. It deploys the OPenVPN-UDP protocol and its data encryption specs are AES-256-GCM. However, the platform goes beyond the norm with virtual servers spread in various locations globally.

What Makes Ivacy Stand Out?

The service outfit is purpose driven unlike the regular services. Servers are specific and you are likely to encounter some recommendations like “use this server for streaming and this one for downloading.” Ivacy VPN has been in the market for more than ten years and its services are embraced globally.

The Windows based Ivacy App is just stunning and will discern you the first time. The interface design is clean and the backgrounds are enticing as well. There is no dull moment working on the interface. The text and icon feel is just out of this world.

The interface comes with easy to use options; the Smart Connect, Streaming, Unlocking, and Secure download. There are other options that allow you to personal account, support point and the system settings among others.

Ivacy Features in Detail

Smart Connect is a native Ivacy specific VPN connection feature. It allows you to select your location and you can go deeper to select cities with a choice of 12 in the US alone. This gives you a personalized experience. The system gives you about three options for other countries as well.

For Secure downloads, IDGIvacy comes in handy; it I secure and has inbuilt scanning capabilities to the server level. This comes in handy during P2P downloads as well as your usual free style downloads. The inbuilt malware scanner handles suspicious downloads and appears to be quite effective.

The Streaming option comes in handy when you engage the steaming by activity or country. This takes care of all TV channels and high profile channels like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu. There is no dull moment once you use the VPN service.

Lastly, with the Unblocking feature, you can work around all firewalls including and not limited to National and corporate ones. This makes it easier to access and view some select content without any restrictions; thanks to Ivacy VPN virtual servers.

Ivacy VPN Features and Services

The good part of the Ivacy VPN’s features is the simplicity. Ivacy comes alive on Windows launch or just click on the app. Secondly; it has superb support for DNS and IP protection against leaks. It also comes with the Kill Switch that disables all online traffic and ads on your computer when the VPN connection is off.

The system supports Windows, Mac and iOS OS and also smoothly rides on select routers, Kodl home theatre and Linux However, you can dig down to the instructions on how to configure and connect their parties like Xbox consoles. Xbox experience over VPN is so far the nest and Ivacy is the ideal platform

Another exciting feature id the “Split Turneling” which gives you a wide App access via VPN and additional ones through you normal IP.

In terms of performance, Ivacy is rated high; it comes with average speeds through the different connections with UK and Japanese connections so far the best.

Ivacy Consumer Privacy

Anonymity appears t0 be the selling point or Ivacy and that is the reason it is crypto friendly. This creates a lot of privacy and trust among the VPN goers.

Final Ivacy VPN Verdict                  See Pricing >>

Ivacy service is competitive and competent and the hitches that hit its users are not pronounced and restricted to locations not listed in the system. The price at $40 is pocket friendly given it is charged annually. It is worth the security and privacy the service provides.


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