Free Vs paid VPN: Choosing the right for you

Free Vs paid VPN: Choosing the right for you
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When it comes to comparing Free VPN and paid VPN, individual needs reign supreme. However, if you are looking for perfection, the paid versions have superior features compared to a free version. On the surface, they both serve the same purpose but if you are looking to gain the extra benefit, look at the service you get,

Your ultimate goal is to get the job done the right way. However, you are not alone online and not every other user has good intentions against your personal data and your browsing habits. It is also clear that when choosing the best VPN in the market, you get what you get for free as well as what you pay for.

Deciding between free VPN and paid VPN

There are many reasons to go for the free option but there is also a price to pay when your online line privacy is compromised. Secondly, it is important to let your browsing needs dictate the option you are going for. There is nothing like partial privacy and anonymity online; it is either you are fully covered or you are not.

There is ready market for your personal data as well as your surfing habits. Only a functional VPN can be able to protect you against any personal information or data breach without your consent. Here is a simple comparison between a free VPN and paid VPN to help you stay safe online.

Downsides of using Free VPN

When you choose a free VPN there are risks that are associated with it. One question you should ask yourself is why would a firm develop a VPN and give it for free? How do they keep the application running? Well your guess is as good as mine; they share your information with advertisers and third parties for profits.

Some free VPNs act as gateways for other users in the network. They are non-secured peer-to-peer platforms and any activity you perform online is stored and this exposes you to cyber criminals. What’s more; you can be easily attacked through DNS and malware.

It is true that free can turn out expensive. Some free VPNs have various hacker entry points. They do not offer you any protective layers and your browsing activities are never private as they make you belief. There are many spying agents out there including the United States NSA.

Since your date and other user information have been sold, your online browsing experience will be a nightmare with so many ads that are irrelevant. The platforms do not have the right capacity to block or screen ads.

With a Paid VPN, you genuinely get you are paying for; online privacy and anonymity. Your browsing activity data is never stores save for purposes of diagnostics. Data us cleared as soon as you end your surfing session.

Paid VPNs provide state-of-the-art security since they want to retain their clients and remain in business. They use AES 356 bit encryption which is backed by tunneling channels for additional security. Some go the extra mile to include split tunneling, kill switches and leak protectors among others features.

Majority of paid VPNs do not restrict bandwidth and speeds to their clients. Literally you do not experience downtimes and no data capping. This makes you enjoy fast streaming of videos and games. What’s more; you have access to optimized servers and download speeds are incredible.

The providers ensure you get value for your money. You have the advantage of accessing wide range of servers that are spread across the globe. This enables you to go past geo-targeted websites and related services.

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