Difference between proxy and VPN

Difference between proxy and VPN
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Protecting your online identity is the first thing that should come to your mind anytime you use an internet enabled gadget. Proxy and VPN are tools that enhance your online safety. The two tools have different functions though users use the terms interchangeably.

However, it is very important to know their exact function before you start your online identity protection. The difference between proxy and a VPN might not be big but one gives online privacy while the other id not privacy centered.


Proxy and VPN unique differences

Proxy is a server that acts as a bridge between your internet-enabled gadget and the sites you visit. The tool helps in hiding your IP address and the only IP the website sees is that of the server and not your computer or smartphone.

Proxy servers come in three distinct types that you can choose from. If you are looking for a server that unlocks location restricted access, the best to go for is a HTTP proxy. All you need is set up your browser if you need your traffic to be outed via HTTP proxy.

If you want to access more than geo-targeted websites, SOCKS proxy will do the job for you. This goes beyond the website to Apps level. This is ideal for online gaming, video streaming and supports peer-to-peer ecosystems. As much as this proxy type handles a wide range of traffic, they have a downside of being slow compared to the HTTP counterparts.

If you want to monitor online user habits, you can use the transparent proxy. This is anonymous and users on the network do not now they are being monitored. These are ideal for monitoring employees or parents who want to track their children online habits. You can use the proxy for purposes of authentication of public WiFi and are ideal for bandwidth saving.

Proxy and VPN difference features

A proxy and VPN have one similar function; rerouting user traffic through a server whilst hiding your IP address so that no one can trace your location while online or through your surfing history. However, the VPN goes a step further to the operating system level. Any traffic from your browser or Apps running the background is hidden to erase your online activity. 

Unlike the proxy, a VPN encrypts data that your device sends through the internet. This prevents the Internet Service Provider (ISP) from collecting your data and personal information for their selfish use. What’s more; they cannot trace your online activity.

This tool connects your directly to the VPN server which can be located anywhere across the globe. This is a surefire inline tool to protect your from government tracking agencies, website tackers and hackers lurking online to hijack your information. Compared to a proxy, VPN offers the best and secure environment to keep you surfing without being tacked.

Proxy and VPN can be used to complement each other. You need to analyze your route to web needs before you decide which serves you better. Different users have different protection needs but premium VPN services have an edge over proxies.

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